Shul-goers rescue family from blazing car

By Marcus Dysch, April 24, 2014

Shul-goers rescued a family from a burning car moments before it exploded in a giant fireball.

Four members of the unnamed family were helped to safety after congregants heard their screams for help outside the Ahavas Torah building in Stamford Hill, north London.

Yohanan Kupperman and Shlomi Zeivald rushed from the complex, which includes a synagogue and yeshiva, after the car caught fire shortly after 5pm on Sunday as preparations were being made for the final days of Pesach.

They helped drag members of the family from the silver Peugeot 307 as the engine blazed. A baby strapped into a car seat was among the rescued passengers. Moments after they were pulled from the car, it exploded.

The family was looked after at Ahavas Torah until paramedics arrived. It is not known if they are also Jewish. Police said they were not treating the incident as suspicious.

Ahavas Torah itself was reportedly damaged by a fire in January.

    Last updated: 12:49pm, April 24 2014