Anti-Israel activists want Tzipi Livni banned from Britain

By Marcus Dysch, April 10, 2014


Anti-Israel activists are asking MPs to lobby Home Secretary Theresa May in an attempt to have Israel’s Justice Minister Tzipi Livni banned from Britain.

Ms Livni is due to speak in London on May 15 at two events organised by the JNF.

A spokesman for the “Stop the JNF” campaign told supporters in Parliament on Monday that MPs were now being lobbied by the group.

It hopes politicians will convince Mrs May to issue a banning order and exclude Ms Livni from Britain.

Activists claim her visit is “an outrageous racist provocation and an incitement to hatred”.

A JNF source said the charity planned to “carry on regardless” and was “not too worried” by the opposition to Ms Livni. There was absolutely no question the events would go ahead as planned, the source said.

The Home Office said it could not comment on individual cases and would not discuss whether Mrs May had been lobbied by other MPs.

The two speaking engagements are due to be Ms Livni’s first with the JNF since she controversially pulled out of a 2009 event. At the time, she feared anti-Israel groups would seek to have her arrested for her role in Israel’s Cast Lead operation in Gaza.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and London Palestine Action group have already announced plans to protest in central London on the day of Ms Livni’s visit. Members of the University and College Union’s annual Scotland congress have voted to condemn the Israeli politician’s planned visit.

JNF UK chairman Samuel Hayek said the organisation was proud to be hosting Ms Livni. He added that hundreds of people were expected to attend the events.

Last updated: 9:45pm, April 10 2014