DNA test reveals Jewish ancestry of Hitler's wife, Eva Braun

By Daniel Easterman, April 7, 2014
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun (Photo: German Federal Archive)

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun (Photo: German Federal Archive)

DNA tests have revealed that Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun had Jewish ancestry.

The scientific examination, carried out by analysing a strand of Braun’s hair from her hairbrush, show that she had a genetic sequence strongly associated with Ashkenazi Jews.

The revelation comes as part of the Channel 4 documentary Dead Famous DNA, which will be aired on Wednesday evening.

Presenter Mark Evans, who made the discovery, said it was a “though-provoking outcome”.

He said: “I never dreamt that I would find such a potentially extraordinary and profound result.”

Braun met Hitler when she was 17 years old, and married him shortly before they committed suicide in 1945. It is thought that it was unlikely she knew of her Jewish origins as she was brought up as a Catholic. Many German Ashkenazi Jews converted to Catholicism in the 19th century.

Her monogrammed hairbrush marked with the initials “E.B”, was originally discovered by a United States intelligence officer after the war in 1945.

Channel 4 researchers bought the hairbrush from a dealer for £1,200.

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