BBC upholds complaint over biased Israel reporting

By Daniel Easterman, March 17, 2014
BBC Broadcasting House (Photo: Dan Taylor)

BBC Broadcasting House (Photo: Dan Taylor)

The BBC Trust has upheld a complaint against Radio 4's Today programme for providing biased and misleading information in its reporting of Israel.

According to The Times, which says it has seen an unpublished BBC document, the complaint refers to a report by Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly in 2011 on the anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War.

In it, two major factual errors or “breaches” were made. They included a failure to provide any mention of Israel giving up land for peace in subsequent peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan after the war.

The BBC Trust concluded that “there had been a failure to observe due impartiality”.

Earlier this month, BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen criticised a previous investigation by the trust into the corporation's reporting of the Middle East conflict as flawed.

He told the Independent that the response to complaints about his coverage had been influenced by pro-Israel lobbyists.

Last updated: 6:12pm, March 17 2014