BBC says no offence intended over Mrs Brown joke

By Sandy Rashty, February 24, 2014

The BBC has responded to an allegation that “Jewish stereotypes” were used in the Christmas Day episode of the sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys, by insisting no offence was intended.

In the episode, Mrs Brown reads out the answer “Jews” instead of “Jaws” when asked the name of a film about a “great white shark”, in a game devised by dyslexic character Buster.

Brian Hershon, from Finchley, was one of three complainants.

In a letter to Mr Hershon from the BBC Complaints department, the programme's producer, who was not named, responded: “I can assure you there was absolutely no intention in the joke to offend anyone, least of all anyone Jewish.

“As comedy producers our sole intention is to make people laugh.

“I realise that from time to time not everybody will appreciate a particular joke. However, in this instance, I firmly believe that the joke is on Buster and nobody else."

Last updated: 12:37pm, February 24 2014