Tonge’s dream — it’s a nightmare for Israel

By Marcus Dysch, January 16, 2014
Spot the difference: Martin Luther King and Jenny Tonge

Spot the difference: Martin Luther King and Jenny Tonge

Jenny Tonge has a dream — that one day, Israel should no longer be Jewish.

The controversial baroness, who resigned from the Liberal Democrats two years ago after making anti-Israel comments, was at it again in the House of Lords, this time echoing the famous speech by civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

But while Mr King dreamed of a world devoid of prejudice, Baroness Tongue looked forward to one without a Jewish state.

“I have a dream, my Lords,” she declared. “I have a dream of what a wonderful force for good Israel could have been, and I think still could be, if only it dropped its exclusivity of being a Jewish state.”

Speaking during a debate on the Syrian crisis, she said Israel should join the Arab League in helping to resettle Syrians. She failed to mention the refugees who have been treated in Israeli hospitals.

But she did commend the pre-war Kindertransport rescue of Jewish children from Nazi Germany. A similar project was needed to help Syrians, she believed.

Last updated: 2:45pm, January 17 2014