X-Factor Diary: I lost the final, but found a family

British teenager Adir Tov is a member of a boy band competing in the Israeli version of the TV talent series

January 17, 2014

“Monday night was the grand final. We came in fourth — but, honestly, we were just so happy we made it that far. Having been in the bottom two three times in a row, we felt like we had already defied the odds to get there.

“Since the last show, we were rehearsing non-stop. We decided to perform a mix of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams, and spent days working on the vocals and the dance steps. We had no more than two hours each night — but we just ran on adrenaline.

“On the day, the only thing we knew for certain was that everyone was going home after the final, so we went in excited about performing for the last time.

“When the result was announced, we felt relief. We didn’t even start out as a band and somehow ended up in the final — we already felt like winners.

“Backstage, the show flew by and suddenly Rose Fostanes, the carer from the Philippines, was announced as the winner. We were happy for her — she’s such a funny lady.

“I know the show has ended, but to us it’s just the beginning. We’re all very committed to the band. I think I’m going to put college on hold and see how far we can go.

“When I arrived in Israel, I didn’t really know anyone. But now, I have so many friends — and a band who feel like a family.”

Adir (second from right) with fellow members of his band, Fusion

Adir (second from right) with fellow members of his band, Fusion


Last updated: 6:45am, January 17 2014