Orthodox women rabbis? Never say never

By Simon Rocker, December 24, 2013
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

One of Israel’s most respected yeshivah heads said he did not know if women would be able to become Orthodox rabbis one day.

When asked about the possibility at a Limmud session, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow did not rule it out and responded, “I must admit I don’t know.”

A co-founder of the modern Orthodox rabbinical grouping Tzohar, he has been active in trying to bridge divisions between religious and secular in Israel.

There were “many issues” relating to the idea of a female rabbi which he said that he did not know how to solve. “But I do think women should be more integrated into the halachic discussion.”

The situation of women in Judaism was “changing and I think it’s a good thing".

A co-founder of a Torah academy for women himself, he professed: “We don’t know exactly what will be the final destination, I don’t know eventually will be the point at which we reach”.

Last updated: 10:27am, December 24 2013