Knickers are downloaded as couple produce underwear on 3D printer

By Jonathan Kalmus, December 19, 2013
Udi and Tami Giloh

Udi and Tami Giloh

Mornings when you cannot find a pair of clean pants could be a thing of the past thanks to an Israeli couple whose revolutionary technology makes it possible to download a pair of new knickers through 3D printing.

Tami and Udi Giloh have developed a woven fabric created on a hi-tech printer, and are in discussions with suppliers to lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret over a possible marketing deal.

The couple moved to north Manchester from Israel to develop the technology through their company Tamicare, and claim to be able to print a pair of knickers in three seconds, potentially producing 10 million pairs in a year.

They already hold 40 patents on the process which could transform the way clothes are manufactured.

Mrs Giloh — whose chemical expert father established the first rubber-products factory in Israel — was previously an education expert who worked on Ivrit teaching materials used at the former Carmel College.

But she had an idea to use a spray nozzle, such as used on a 3D printer, to create layers of natural rubber-latex polymers and cotton fibres to construct a pair of disposable fitted underpants. However, the fabric has more uses than merely underwear, said Mrs Giloh.

An example of their product

An example of their product

“Today we know there are many different applications of our products,” she said, “such as in providing wound- care in the medical industry, and as sportswear.

“And we’ve just been approached by the automotive industry for acoustic components for cars:

“With this technology, one day you could download your clothes — this is a possibility,” Mrs Giloh predicted.

Last updated: 3:45pm, December 19 2013