Support for hate victims

By Marcus Dysch, January 12, 2014

Extra support will be provided to victims of hate crimes, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has announced.

A new Victims’ Code came into force on Monday, with a focus on helping people from minority communities to deal with reporting crime and the stresses of attending subsequent court hearings.

Pre-trial therapy and counselling services will be available, with Mr Grayling pledging “the best possible support” for victims, including those who are regularly targeted by racist criminals.

The Community Security Trust, which monitors antisemitsm in the UK, said it hoped the new code would encourage more people to report antisemitic incidents.

A spokesman said: “Many victims of hate crime find going through the criminal justice system a daunting experience and can even be deterred from pursuing a prosecution.

“The new code will hopefully give victims the confidence to report their experiences to the police and help them access the support they may need.”

Last updated: 7:45am, January 12 2014