Cameron: we are not starry-eyed on Iran

By Marcus Dysch, November 28, 2013
Cameron lights the Number 10 menorah (Photo: Photo: Sgt Jez Doak, Raf)

Cameron lights the Number 10 menorah (Photo: Photo: Sgt Jez Doak, Raf)

David Cameron has moved to reassure supporters of Israel and British Jewry following the Iranian nuclear deal struck in Geneva this week.

Speaking at a Chanucah reception in Downing Street on Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister said he shared the “scepticism and worry” felt over the interim agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear programme and lift some sanctions.

Mr Cameron said he had no “starry-eyed view” of what the Iranian regime offered.

“I could go into all the details of how this interim deal means the uranium will be dealt with, how much inspection there will be… In the end it comes down to a simple judgment. Would it have been better to continue with a set of negotiations, hoping for one big, long-term deal but knowing that at any time you could wake up one morning with a nuclear-armed Iran?

“Or is it better now to reach an interim deal that rolls them back by several months from getting that weapon, and then go ahead with a full deal that can secure us an Iran that will never have a military nuclear capability?

Mr Cameron, who lit the menorah with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, told community leaders at the reception: “I am with you and with the Israeli people, genuinely. As far as I’m concerned, an enemy of Israel is an enemy of mine. A threat to Israel is a threat to us all.”

Last updated: 12:44pm, November 28 2013