Dan Snow implied Israel started war

By Sandy Rashty, November 15, 2013

The BBC Trust has upheld a complaint against presenter Dan Snow that he implied that Israel started the Six-Day War. During the BBC2 documentary, A History of Syria, which aired in March, Mr Snow said that “Israel launched a series of strikes against Egypt, Jordan and Syria”.

A complainant said the statement “vilified” Israel and inaccurately conveyed the message that Israel began the war.

The complaint was upheld by the trust committee. A spokesperson said: “Given the evidence that Jordan launched attacks on Israel before Israel’s forces were engaged, it was not duly accurate to describe the events on 5 June 1967 in the way this programme did — more context was required”.

He added: “The need to use clear and precise language was particularly acute in relation to content dealing with conflict in the Middle East.”

- BBC producers changed the soundtrack of a trailer for a series about tax and benefit fraudsters following complaints that it could reinforce negative stereotypes about Jews and money.

The trailer for Britain on the Fiddle featured the song If I Were a Rich Man, from the film Fiddler on the Roof. A BBC spokesperson said eight complaints had been received and were taken into account as part of a “creative review” of the trailer.

Last updated: 7:45am, November 15 2013