Halloween party reveller turns up as Nazi

By Daniel Easterman, November 7, 2013

Halloween turned out to be more frightful than expected for a group of London clubbers.

Andy Levy, a Community Security Trust volunteer, was partying with his fiancee and 10 friends, at the Vaults venue in central London, when he spotted a guest dressed in full Nazi uniform.

“We were outraged,” Mr Levy said. “My friend confronted him and a fight almost broke out. The guy didn’t seem to understand why we would take offence”.

Bouncers intervened, with one explaining to Mr Levy that the man had been allowed into the club because “it’s free speech, isn’t it?”

Mr Levy complained to The Producers UK, the company that had organised the Halloween Playground fancy dress event, which over 800 people attended.

Promoter Alex Rochford said he would offer Mr Levy a refund of his ticket.

“In future we will instruct bouncers to tell patrons to ‘remove that offending article’ if people try to enter a venue wearing Nazi clothing,” he added.

Last updated: 1:45pm, November 7 2013