How the dating guru found love of her own

By Rosa Doherty, November 7, 2013
Daniella Perlstein

Daniella Perlstein

The queen of Jewish online dating has found love at last — thanks to a rival website.

And ironically, JDate vice president Daniella Perlstein was not even looking for a date. Her new man spotted her by chance in a picture on her friend’s profile.

The 38-year-old entrepreneur spoke of her own match made in heaven when she arrived in London to launch a new dating web tool.

She said: “It was my dentist in Israel that started it. She loves trying to set me up. One day she said to me you have to check out this guy on Facebook, so I did.”

Ms Perlstein sent him an email via the social networking site but he replied that he was currently in a relationship.

But later, while viewing another dating site, he came across a photo — and Ms Perlstein was in the background.

“It turned out he noticed me by accident,” she said. “I was actually in the profile picture of a friend of mine. He recognised me and got back in touch.

“I tell people who are single, you just have to put yourselves out there or you’ll never know. Somehow these things all connect and eventually they align.”

Ahead of her romantic weekend in Paris with the 40-something Israeli business executive, she found time to launch JDate’s new dating tool in Golders Green. JMeter was developed by Israeli psychologist Dr Raanan Haas, and promises to match users based on rigorous psychometric questionnaires.

After answering 169 questions, JMeter analyses users on a range of criteria including maturity, communication and self-esteem and matches them to people who gave the same answers.

Ms Perlstein thinks it will stop people “losing focus and energy by meeting too many people”.

Users of dating sites occasionally fall prey to fraudsters trying to con money out of them. But Ms Perlstein rejected suggestions that this was a problem for JDate.

She said: “Since I joined, in the past two years I haven’t heard of one case like this.

“We are doing the best we can for online safety. We have banners on the site that lead to security information, and warnings about giving personal details away.

“Users are asked to confirm when they join that they will not give out personal or financial details when they sign up.”

The site also encourages users to report fraudsters through a report button on the site.

Ms Perlstein thinks it is up to users to “use common sense” online.

Last updated: 9:35am, November 14 2013