‘Y-word ruling hit support’

By Charlotte Oliver, October 31, 2013

The police crackdown on Spurs fans’ use of the Y-word may be having a negative effect on the atmosphere at home games, according to the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust.

Secretary of the Trust, Katrina Law, claimed that the policing at White Hart Lane was one of the reasons for the chill in support during last Sunday’s winning game against Hull City.

After the match, Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas condemned the lack of encouragement his team received — a controversial move that is certain to anger loyal supporters.

Mr Villas-Boas said: “It was a victory where we had to dig deep in ourselves, because we weren’t getting any help from anybody. We played in a difficult atmosphere with almost no support.”

But according to the Supporters’ Trust, fans are reluctant to chant and sing in their traditional way after “over the top” policing at Spurs’ game against West Ham United earlier this month saw one fan arrested.

Ms Law said: “There is uncertainty around that area as a lot of our songs contain the Y-word. Fans are feeling a little uneasy, so we need a decision one way or another as to whether we’re allowed sing it.”

Last month, the FA ruled that anyone chanting the word “Yid” could be prosecuted. Last week, the club emailed a survey to all its season-ticket holders and members, asking them where they stood on chanting the Y-word.

Last updated: 5:45pm, October 31 2013