Israel ‘has a bigger tale to tell'

By Marcus Dysch, November 1, 2013

The British have a more positive view of Israel than many realise, Israel’s new deputy ambassador believes.

Eitan Na’eh said it was increasingly known for its economic and IT prowess than as a war zone and he had arrived eager to “tell Israel’s story”.

The former Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan, arrived in August and has been busy meeting Jewish communities across Britain. He also spent time at the party conferences in September.

“Not everyone has to love us, but they can respect the values we stand for, and what we have achieved. They are the same values people in Britain stand for,” he said.

He accepted the picture was “mixed”, but said only people who were “misinformed” could argue that British-Israeli relations were anything but good.

Mr Na’eh is no stranger to Britain. He said: “I was here 27 years ago, I was sent as a young kibbutznik to work with the Jewish community for Habonim Dror. I was in Manchester. It was very interesting and a life-changing experience because I met my wife there.

“I have family here. We have friends all over the place, mainly in the north. I’m no stranger to Britain.”

Last updated: 7:45am, November 1 2013