Rampant Rabbi refuses to take a cold shower

By Rosa Doherty, October 24, 2013
Shed Simove with his Rampant Rabbi

Shed Simove with his Rampant Rabbi

A Jewish comedian is marketing a sex toy he has called the Rampant Rabbi, despite an attempts by high street retail chain Ann Summers to stop him.

Shed Simove designed the silicone toy in the figure of a rabbi and sells it on his website. It is, he says aimed at “the modern Jewish woman”.

But when he applied to trademark the name “Rampant Rabbi” he aroused an angry reaction from Ann Summers, which complained that the name could be confused with its own Rampant Rabbit sex toy.

A spokesperson for the lingerie and sex aid chain confirmed: “An application for the trademark Rampant Rabbi was challenged in 2012 due to a conflicting mark with our trademark, Rampant Rabbit.”

Mr Simove, who is from south London, said that his local trading standards office had rejected his application as a result of Ann Summers’ complaint.

But he remains defiant and continues to sell the product under the Rampant Rabbi name.

“I can’t trademark it but I’m still using the name. I don’t think there is any confusion between the products”

When asked whether he thought Jews might be offended by the toy, he said: “I am Jewish and I’m a fan of laughing at ones culture.”

But, he insisted, Simove’s product was not intended merely as a joke.

“The Rampant Rabbi is made with medical grade silicon and is designed for pleasure. I see giving pleasure however it is done as one of the highest callings in life — you could say it is a religious calling.”

Last updated: 12:57pm, October 24 2013