Police pledge to crack down on antisemitic graffiti

By Rosa Doherty, October 17, 2013

Police are investigating an increase in anti semitic graffiti in Manchester.

Since October there have been five incidents in Prestwich and Whitefield , areas in the north of the city that are home to large numbers of Jews.

According to Greater Manchester Police, officers will be carrying out high-visibility patrols to prevent further incidents and provide reassurance to residents.

They will also be going into local schools and working with the Community Security Trust (CST), the group that monitors antisemitism, to educate communities on the impact of abusive graffiti.

CST spokesman Mark Gardner said: "We would encourage anybody who sees a swastika daubing or has any information regarding who is behind this to report it to the police and to CST.

"This graffiti is highly offensive to the Jewish community as well as the wider public and we appreciate the seriousness with which Greater Manchester Police are treating these incidents.”

Inspector Mark Kenny said: “This is a repugnant criminal act which has taken place in the heart of the Jewish community.”

He warned: “To those who engage in such acts and think it’s clever, my message is clear: we will track you down and prosecute you.”

Last updated: 9:47am, October 18 2013