Best-selling novelist Anthony Horowitz almost gave up career over fear of 'going blind'

By Charlotte Oliver, October 15, 2013
Author Anthony Horowitz says he may go blind in one eye

Author Anthony Horowitz says he may go blind in one eye

Anthony Horowitz has revealed he almost gave up writing this year, after developing a serious eye condition that could potentially lead to blindness.

Mr Horowitz, 58, was advised by specialists to stop writing books, after untreatable cysts were discovered at the back of both of his eyes.

But after being told that his condition had nothing to do with reading or writing, the best-selling author decided he couldn’t abandon his career.

According to Mr Horowitz, it would have been a “ridiculous” decision.

“Writing is my life”, he says. “There is always the spectre of this getting worse. I could even go blind in one eye – but fortunately I have two eyes.”

Mr Horowitz has sold over 16m books in the English language alone in his 34-year-old career, most recently writing the Sherlock Holmes story House of Silk. His popular Alex Rider children’s spy series is now a successful film franchise.

Last updated: 12:25pm, October 16 2013