Acid attack girl hopes to be in shul for New Year

By Anna Sheinman, September 3, 2013
Kirstie Trup in a photo taken before her trip

Kirstie Trup in a photo taken before her trip

Kirstie Trup is hopeful of attending Rosh Hashanah services this week, despite still recovering from the injuries she suffered last month in an acid attack in Zanzibar.

Her father Marc Trup said this week: “If she’s feeling up to it, she will be going”. The family are members of Woodside Park Synagogue in north London.

Eighteen-year-old Kirstie and her friend Katie Gee, both former JFS students, were working as volunteer teachers on the east African island when they were doused with battery acid by two men on a moped.

Kirstie, who is recuperating at her home after receiving a skin graft at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, has expressed her frustration at the lack of progress to find the men who attacked her.

She told the Sunday Times: “I feel upset that our attackers haven’t been caught.” Referring to the area of Zanzibar City where the attack took place, she said: “Stone Town is too small for it to be this hard and I fear they will never be caught.”

Despite the extensive burns she received, she said she is keen to return to the island. “The experience, as horrible as it has been, has not deterred me from wanting to do more voluntary work. In fact, I would even like to return to do more work there next year.”

She said that the attack continues to prey on her mind. “There are a lot of unanswered questions and catching these people would go a long way to answering them. I don’t feel frightened — I just want answers.”

Kirstie is expected to take up her place at Bristol University later this month. Katie, who was more seriously injured, has postponed attending Nottingham University for a year.

Last updated: 1:13pm, September 3 2013