Biblical names back in vogue for baby boys

By Sandy Rashty, September 3, 2013

Naming babies after biblical patriarchs has made a comeback in the UK, according to a list compiled by the Jewish Baby Directory website from around 1000 birth announcements in the JC.

The list reveals that the top 10 baby boy names for the Hebrew year 5773 are Jack, Samuel, Jacob, Joshua and Joseph, followed by Harry, James, Louis, Max and Raphael.

But the list, compiled by London-based mothers Sarah Peston and Naomi Goldman, showed that the attraction of female biblical names is waning, with Leah in fourth place and Rachel in ninth. Sophia, Lily, and Sophie come out on top, followed by Rose, Annabelle, Jessica, May, and Evie.

“The top boys names are very biblical — much more than the girls. People try to pick a classic name for boys,” said Mrs Peston.

“But previously popular biblical names for girls, like Sarah and Naomi, failed to make the top 10.”

Mrs Peston and Mrs Goldman noted that American names such as Chaise,and Dexter had grown in popularity, while names featuring alternative spellings — Tzophia for Sophia, for example — had also made a strong showing.

Last updated: 4:45pm, September 3 2013