CST volunteers line up to combat Rosh Hashanah threats

By Marcus Dysch, August 30, 2013

A large security operation will be in place to protect British Jews observing Rosh Hashanah and next month’s other Yom Tov holidays.

The Community Security Trust said hundreds of volunteers would give “several thousand man-hours” of service across the High Holy Days.

In areas with large Jewish communities in London, Manchester and Hertfordshire, CST will work closely in joint operations with police.

A CST spokesman said: “We will be working in close partnership with police forces around the country to provide the appropriate level of security at this important time of year.

“We would like to thank our personnel and their communities for support and we ask everyone to co-operate fully with the security officers at your synagogue.”

Mobile police stations will be deployed in Manchester to allow Jewish residents to report any antisemitic incidents. Police patrols will be increased in all areas.

Israel’s Counter Terrorism Bureau last week warned Israelis and Jews worldwide to avoid dozens of countries in Africa and Asia ahead of the High Holy Days.

The bureau said next month was al-Qaeda’s “favoured period” for attacks and that there were “concrete” indications of imminent terrorist activity globally.

The JC understands that there have been fears that Britain’s role in encouraging the European Union to ban Hizbollah could result in a backlash against Jews in this country.

But security experts said that there were currently “no specific” threats to communities or Jewish groups in the UK.

Last updated: 9:45am, August 30 2013