Dom Joly’s brutal tweet

By Sandy Rashty, August 22, 2013
Dom Joly (Photo: PA)

Dom Joly (Photo: PA)

Comedian Dom Joly has described Israeli settlements on the West Bank as a form of “brutal repression”.

During a heated Twitter exchange with Israel-supporter Ben Myers, the Lebanese-born TV personality said: “Just watched 5 Broken Cameras — wonderful, powerful documentary about one village’s resistance to Israeli settlements in West Bank.

“It’s actually called brutal repression.”

Mr Myers, who lives in Israel, responded to the comic by tweeting: “You are in the wrong. You watch one agenda-driven film and you’re the expert.”

But Mr Joly dismissed the response and said: “I’ve been there several times – both Israel and West Bank. Unlike you however, I’ve also travelled all over the Middle East.

“But you’ll never listen — that’s why you’re in the sh**t.”

He later tweeted: “Wow — make one comment about a good documentary and get the radical Zionist Twitter brigade out in force.”

Last updated: 10:42am, August 25 2013