Teenager aims to help the homeless

By Jonathan Kalmus, August 16, 2013
Maya Rubinstain (centre) and Katie Kron chat to a homeless man

Maya Rubinstain (centre) and Katie Kron chat to a homeless man

Teenage Jews in Manchester have set up a social action group to help homeless people and educate their peers about social justice.

Founder Maya Rubinstain, a 17-year-old pupil at Manchester’s King David School, said Youth Exist was established “to change the lives of homeless people”.

She said the group had already been contacted by a Greater Manchester homeless charity with a view to working together.

Ms Rubinstain was inspired to begin after leading a group of teenagers in handing out food to the homeless.

She said she now wanted to increase the numbers of teens taking part by raising awareness of the plight of people living on the city’s streets. Facebook and Twitter accounts have been set up to attract members.

“The response was amazing — the homeless people were so grateful for the food and the group told me how much it had opened their eyes concerning deprivation and poverty,” she said.

“I plan to hold a fundraiser and to start going into schools to spread the word.”

Last updated: 11:45am, August 16 2013