BBC upholds complaint over David Ward report

By Marcus Dysch, July 30, 2013

The BBC Trust has published its findings into a complaint about the BBC News website’s reporting of LIb Dem MP David Ward’s controversial “the Jews” comment.

The Trust partially upheld the complaint made by a Jewish student from Hendon, north-west London. He had claimed that the reporting of Mr Ward’s comments, in January, had been “imprecise” and alleged that the BBC had “reordered” the MP’s words to suggest that his criticisms had been only of Jews in Israel and not “the Jews” in general.

A headline and introduction to a story had been inaccurate and could have misled readers, the Trust agreed. But it rejected the suggestion that the reporting had been intentionally biased and said the article had “nevertheless achieved due impartiality”.

Last updated: 6:24pm, July 30 2013