High Court finds Israeli officer ‘evasive’ over property project

By Simon Rocker, July 4, 2013

A former Israeli army intelligence officer misappropriated £2.7 million while managing a property project in London, the High Court has found.  The former officer, who moved to Britain in 2001, was sued by his business partners, Ran Avrahami, a former Israeli airline pilot, and Be-Ready, a company owned by the family of Rami Lermer, who worked in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

In 2002, the Israelis embarked on a property development. The former officer was to receive £5,000 a month for up to a year and a further £10,000 a month for up to two years for managing the project.

But he then claimed that Mr Avrahami had later agreed he could take money from the company “as and when cash was available”.

He paid back £1.7 million of the money he had taken, but Mr Justice Newey rejected his claim that there had been such an arrangement and ordered him to repay another £1million plus interest of £450,000.  The former officer’s evidence had been “evasive” and “utterly implausible. It is indicative of [his] dishonesty that he relied on a number of documents that he must have known to have been fabricated.”

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