Vivian Wineman elected co-chair of Interfaith Network

By Zoe Winograd, July 3, 2013

Board of Deputies President Vivian Wineman has been elected co-chair of the Interfaith Network for the UK.

The organisation, founded in 1987, brings together groups and academic bodies from different faiths to develop positive interfaith relations.

Mr Wineman said: “In our present climate the importance of this work, and of inter faith work generally, cannot be overstated. I am proud that the Jewish community has been at the forefront of developing interfaith relations in society generally, and that the Board of Deputies has led the community consistently in this work… Positive interfaith engagement, apart from being valuable in itself, is vital in creating friends and allies in the general community.”

Reverend Bob Fyffe, the General Secretary of Churches Together for Britain and Ireland, will share the position with Mr Wineman.

Last updated: 5:42pm, July 3 2013