UK shechita supporters at odds with French rabbis over foie gras

By Josh Jackman , June 18, 2013

Shechita UK has strenuously denied claims from the head of the Paris Rabbinical Court that Israel’s proposed ban on foie gras could lead to European countries outlawing shechita in retaliation.

The British-based group, founded in 2003 to promote awareness and tolerance of shechita, expressed their support for the bill while dismissing Rabbi Yirmiyahu Menachem Cohen’s assertion that it would “[provide] our enemies with a double-edged sword.”

A spokesman said: “Shechita UK’s position on foie gras … is very clear. We do not believe that a ban would have any impact whatsoever on the campaign to protect shechita. If anything the reverse is true.”

The group suggested that by prohibiting the trade and importation of foie gras, Israel would be sending out a message that Jews, and particularly those who practise shechita, value animals’ rights.

“The treatment of geese in the production of foie gras is of grave concern to Jews. It is a fundamental principle of k ashrut that animals must be unharmed and undamaged prior to slaughter and the production of foie gras is of course no exception to this.”

Last updated: 2:44pm, June 18 2013