Troubled school appoints interim head

By Simon Rocker, June 7, 2013

The governors of Rosh Pinah Primary School in Edgware have appointed an interim head to run it in the absence of head teacher Anthony Wolfson.

Alison Flegg, a qualified Ofsted inspector, will join the school on “a temporary basis” on Monday, parents were notified yesterday.

On Wednesday, a petition from a large group of parents called for the resignation of chairman of the governors Barbara Hotz, the deputy chairman Annette Koslover and the finance chairman Nick Kramer and “for all other governors to consider their position”.

It followed a long letter from Mrs Hotz, Mrs Koslover and Mr Kramer circulated on Sunday to parents and staff responding to a number of concerns. These included, they wrote, “governance of the school and the relationship between the governing body and the senior teaching staff.

They said that they were “well aware of these issues, which are matters for the leadership of the school, and have not been helped by the fact that our headteacher has recently been unable to fulfil many of his responsibilities due to ill health. We are working in close partnership and in accordance with the advice of Barnet and Scopus to try to resolve the outstanding issues and bring unity and strong leadership back to our school.”

Peter Ohrenstein, chairman of the Scopus Educational Trust, which is the denominational authority for Rosh Pinah, in a letter to parents this week, said that Scopus trustees had “full confidence in the school’s governors”.

Last updated: 7:11pm, June 7 2013