Police appeal over slapping incident in park

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 9, 2013

Police are seeking a 40-year-old Chasidic-looking man who allegedly slapped a four-year-old boy in the face over an argument in a park playground.

Greater Manchester Police have appealed for witnesses after a man, described as white, approximately 40-years-old with a ginger beard and ginger hair ringlet curls, slapped a boy during an argument over the queue to a slide. The incident, which took place last Wednesday in Clowes Park in Broughton Park, Salford, was in full view of numerous members of the public who were with their children in the busy playground.

The four-year-old's mother challenged the man, described as wearing a black hat and a long black coat . He he left the park shortly afterwards with his own children.

PC Charlotte Wilkinson from Salford East Integrated Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "While the child had no long lasting injuries, he would have been slapped with some force to cause reddening. There were lots of parents in the park with their children at the time. If you were there and saw what happened, or know anything about it, please contact police."

Last updated: 9:46am, April 9 2013