Tesco tart bacon-bound

By Sandy Rashty, March 28, 2013
Dani Cohen felt 'cheesed off' (Photo: Christian Bauer)

Dani Cohen felt 'cheesed off' (Photo: Christian Bauer)

A Jewish woman from Manchester felt “cheesed off” after discovering her Tesco lunch was laden with bacon.

Dani Cohen, 37, thought she had bought a reduced 84p mozzarella and tomato tart for lunch at work, but noticed the bacon after she had taken a bite. “I realised that there was meat in there and no sign of any tomatoes,” she said. “I felt sick and couldn’t eat the rest of my lunch.”

Ms Cohen, from Prestwich, complained at the Tesco Extra Stretford branch last month and received a full refund. She was also offered £10 compensation for the “inconvenience” caused at the deli counter.

Ms Cohen, who works in customer services, said she was “really cheesed off with them — describing this as an inconvenience is a joke.

“I bought what I thought was a cheese and tomato tart – it was bagged up in the reduced section so I couldn’t see what was inside the packet.”

Ms Cohen, who does not keep kosher, said: “I’m not the most religious person, but I certainly don’t eat any kind of pig product.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We take issues like this very seriously, and have conducted a thorough investigation.

“The product had been incorrectly labelled and we have taken steps to ensure that items on the deli counter are clearly labelled. ”

Last updated: 10:31am, March 29 2013