Deputies to be told to behave

By Marcus Dysch, February 21, 2013

A code of conduct is to be created in an attempt to bring an end to unruly behaviour and bickering at Board of Deputies meetings.

Board leaders have decided to act after years of disruption to debates and verbal attacks both on deputies and executive members.

A special sub-committee, to be chaired by New London Synagogue deputy Tony Leifer, has been set up to decide the rules following consultations and suggestions from deputies. It is due to produce a draft version of the code shortly, with the final document expected to be approved by deputies at a plenary meeting in May.

Board meetings have in the past been beset by arguments. President Vivian Wineman regularly appeals for civility and calm before meetings, and has in the past written to deputies imploring them to behave during debates.

Last updated: 4:44pm, February 21 2013