Zionist Federation

Shimon Peres to be guest of honour at London dinner

By Marcus Dysch, January 21, 2015

Shimon Peres will be the guest speaker at the Zionist Federation’s gala dinner in London in May.

The former Israeli president will be honoured by the charity with a special tribute night in front of an expected 1,000 diners.

Mr Peres, who retired as Israel’s head of state in July last year, has not spoken in Britain since 2008.


Shul bans fail to derail Israeli academic's tour

By Simon Rocker, December 11, 2014

The Zionist Federation claims a tour by Israeli academic Mordechai Kedar was a success, despite a further cancellation by one synagogue this week.

Dr Kedar was due to speak at three schools but they were pulled by the ZF after the Board of Deputies voiced concerns over his links to Pamela Geller, the anti-Islamist American activist banned from the UK last year.


Finchley Synagogue cancels talk by controversial academic Mordechai Kedar

By Simon Rocker, December 8, 2014

A leading United Synagogue has cancelled a talk tomorrow night by a controversial Israeli academic.

Dr Mordechai Kedar, of Bar-Ilan University, who is here on a speaking tour organised by the Zionist Federation, was due to speak at Finchley United Synagogue.


Should Mordechai Kedar speak in the UK?

December 4, 2014

YES, says Paul Charney

What’s worse than a call for a boycott of an Israeli academic?

A call for a boycott of an Israeli academic from within our community.


ZF cancels talks by lecturer with anti-Islamist links

By Simon Rocker, December 4, 2014

The Zionist Federation this week cancelled appearances at three Jewish schools by an outspoken Israeli academic following concerns about his links to an anti-Islamist activist banned from Britain.

Dr Mordechai Kedar, an expert on Israeli Arabs who regularly appears to defend Israel on Arabic stations such as Al Jazeera, was due to begin a speaking tour on Wednesday night.


Pro-Israel groups urge Sir Martin Sorrell to boycott Iran trade talks

By Josh Jackman, October 14, 2014

Advertising mogul Sir Martin Sorrell has been urged not to speak at a conference promoting trade between Europe and Iran because of the Middle East country’s “antisemitic” and “anti-Israel” government.

Groups including the Zionist Federation (ZF) wrote an open letter to Sir Martin, who owns advertising giant WPP, asking him to reconsider attending the two-day forum in London.


Tube ad ban raised with Boris

By Marcus Dysch, October 2, 2014

Transport for London's refusal to accept a series of advertisements in support of Israel has been raised with Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

The Zionist Federation said a £12,000 campaign planned for London Underground comparing Hamas to other terrorist groups including IS had been shelved last week because TfL found the adverts "too controversial".


Zionist Federation says pro-Israel adverts were rejected by Transport for London

By Marcus Dysch, September 22, 2014

The Zionist Federation has claimed an advertising campaign in support of Israel was rejected by a number of organisations following the Gaza conflict.

It said Transport for London had refused to run adverts comparing Hamas to other terrorist groups including Islamic State on the London Underground because they were “too controversial”.


Israel backed by thousands at London rally

By Sandy Rashty, July 24, 2014

Kensington High Street was awash with Israeli flags as British Jews demonstrated their support at a Zionist Federation (ZF) rally on Sunday.

An estimated 5,000 people - from children to grandparents – showed their solidarity, singing Am Yisrael Chai and the Hatikvah and holding aloft placards demanding an end to Hamas terrorism.


Thousands turn out to support Israel in London rally

By Sandy Rashty, July 20, 2014

Kensington High Street was awash with Israeli flags as British Jews flocked to south-west London to show their support at the Zionist Federation (ZF) rally this afternoon.

An estimated 5,000 Israel supporters – many wearing blue and white outfits for the event – held up placards that called for an end to Hamas terrorism.