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Pro-Zionist Christians meet at ‘security wall’ church

By Daniel Easterman, February 13, 2014

A Christian group has hit back at the London church which erected a controversial replica of the Israeli security wall in its grounds.

Organisers of the “Bethlehem Unwrapped” festival at St James’s Church in Piccadilly said the wall had been built to highlight Israeli treatment of Palestinian Christians.


Ilan Ziv: the exile is a myth, and so is Zionism

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 7, 2013

The Israeli film-maker behind a controversial documentary about the Jewish exile from Israel has told pro-Palestinian campaigners that he believes neither Jews or Palestinians have historical claims to Israel.

Ilan Ziv’s film, Searching for Exile: Truth or Myth, was shown on BBC4 on Sunday.


Irish MEP’s peace plan? A new intifada

By Marcus Dysch, August 2, 2013

An Irish politician has defended comments in which he appeared to call for a violent Palestinian uprising.

Paul Murphy, a Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, said his suggestion of a new intifada to defeat “Israeli oppression” was “entirely justified and clearly necessary”.


Contrite MP offers services to Israel group

By Marcus Dysch, July 12, 2013

Under-fire MP Patrick Mercer has offered to ask questions in Parliament on behalf of pro-Israel groups.

Following a meeting with Zionist Federation chairman Paul Charney, Mr Mercer said he was willing to put forward questions in the interest of the Jewish community in an attempt to repair relations after he appeared to make an antisemitic remark.


'Koran backs Jewish claims to Jerusalem,' Sheikh tells synagogue

By Simon Rocker, May 9, 2013

A Muslim preacher argued that the Koran backs Jewish claims to Jerusalem at a Jerusalem Day celebration in London this week.

Rome-based Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi told an audience at Edgware Synagogue that he found it “intolerable” that “no one questions the rights of Catholics to St Peter’s, or of Muslims to Mecca, but so many question the rights of Jews to Jerusalem”.


Zionist Federation calls for Iranian Revolutionary Guard proscription

By Marcus Dysch, May 2, 2013

The Zionist Federation has urged the British government and European Union to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organisation.

In a campaign launched this week, the ZF claimed the IRG was responsible for arms transfers to terrorist groups, had worked with al-Qaeda, backed Syrian President Bashar Assad, and had masterminded attacks against British citizens abroad.


X Factor winner Alexandra Burke pulls out of Israel 65 concert

By Marcus Dysch, April 15, 2013

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has pulled out of this week's Zionist Federation concert to celebrate Israel’s 65th birthday.

The singer, who performed at Jewish weddings with the Gilev Showband before her rise to fame in 2008, was due to perform at the Yom Ha’atzmaut event at Wembley Arena on Tuesday evening.


Alexandra Burke to celebrate Israel's 65th birthday

By Sandy Rashty, March 19, 2013

The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke will perform at next month's Zionist Federation event, celebrating Israel’s 65th birthday.

The star, who spent time singing at weddings and barmitzvahs with leading simchah performers the Gilev Showband before her rise to fame in 2008, will perform at the Yom Ha’atzmaut event on April 16.


Former spies discuss Israel, Iran and Middle East at Zionist Federation dinner

By Marcus Dysch, March 14, 2013

Israel faces a series of extreme challenges in the changing Middle East but can overcome the threat of a nuclear Iran, former intelligence chiefs have claimed.

Efraim Halevy, former Mossad director and ex-chief of Israel’s National Security Council, and Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, discussed a wide range of issues affecting the region at the Zionist Federation annual dinner.


Storm in a Zionist teacup...

By Geoffrey Alderman, March 11, 2013

Should we be concerned that the national council of the Zionist Federation has declined to approve an application for ZF membership that had been lodged several months ago by an organisation calling itself Yachad?