World Jewish Relief

WJR backers launch warm campaign

October 21, 2010

World Jewish Relief's "Where's Woolly?" scarf has been getting around.

Promoting the charity's Operation Winter Survival campaign for needy Jews in Eastern Europe, the scarf has been in London, Leeds and Manchester, spreading the word to schools, youth movements and even Jewish football teams.

The aim is to get supporters to donate 10,000 essential winter items such as hats, scarves and gloves over the next month or so.

Pupils from Manchester's King David High and Leeds' Brodetsky Primary have been among the recipients of the scarf.


WJR launch winter welfare appeal

September 28, 2010

To raise awareness of World Jewish Relief's Operation Winter Survival campaign for Jews in Eastern Europe, community members will experience a warm feeling over the coming weeks.

For the charity is sending a scarf nicknamed Woolly around the country with recipients asked to pass it on to family and friends.


WJR's naked ambition for winter appeal

September 7, 2010

World Jewish Relief is counting on a warm-hearted response to its Operation Winter Survivor Campaign to collect essential winter items in Eastern Europe.

And to promote the initiative, the charity gave the "Naked Lady" statue at Henly's Corner, Finchley, some temporary covering in the form of a WJR scarf.

The campaign target is 10,000 items for dispatch before December, when temperatures in some areas can drop below minus 20 degrees. As well as donating new or nearly new goods, supporters are being asked to contribute £5 towards transport costs via a text facility.


Floods appeal tops £40k

August 19, 2010

World Jewish Relief's emergency appeal for victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan has passed £40,000.

The money has been used to purchase family kits helping almost 6,400 people and will assist in the reconstruction of homes destroyed.

Other organisations are rallying around the WJR appeal. "As a community that has a humanitarian aspect supporting causes outside of our own interests, it's a no-brainer that we will be supporting the WJR's appeal," said Board of Deputies chief executive Jon Benjamin.


We're big on bagels

May 27, 2010

World Jewish Relief supporters showed a big appetite for its second Big Bagel event.

Over 3,000 people took part in bagel-themed events in homes, schools, offices and synagogues, hoping to beat last year's £70,000.


WJR drive 2,000km to give aid to communities

May 21, 2010

World Jewish Relief volunteers have driven 2,000 kilometres across Europe to deliver two nine-seater vans to deprived Jewish communities.

Leaving from London, the volunteers travelled to Lithuania and Latvia as part of WJR's Mission Impossible, having raised the money for the vans, which were handed over in Vilnius and Riga.

On her fourth Mission Impossible, Hampstead housewife Siobhan Ezra was the group's sole female volunteer.


WJR’s plan for more medics for Haiti

By Leon Symons, February 18, 2010

The success of its Haiti earthquake fundraising appeal has spurred international aid charity World Jewish Relief to step up the help it is providing to the stricken island.

Chief executive Paul Anticoni has launched an appeal for medical and health experts to form teams to run four mobile clinics.

The teams - a doctor and two primary health care nurses - will visit displacement camps housing thousands of refugees whose homes were destroyed.


WJR knitting group goes global

February 18, 2010

A knitting aid venture launched by a group of women supporting World Jewish Relief has gone global.

Over 2,400 squares have been stitched for 60 blankets to help WJR clients keep warm in Eastern Europe during the freezing winter months. And a voluntary workforce of close on 1,000 recruited by the Pomegranate committee includes women from France, Israel and America.

Through WJR's Gifts in Kind programme, the large colourful blankets are being dispatched to Jewish communities in Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus.


Israeli and Jewish aid to Haiti earthquake

By Jessica Elgot, January 14, 2010

Israeli and Jewish aid organisations have flown to Port-au-Prince to deal with the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake which may have killed up to 100,000 people.

El Al has sent two planes, one cargo and another for passengers, and an IDF delegation is due to arrive in the Carribean country today with experts in engineering, medicine and rescue tactics.

IsraAID have also dispatched a 12-man search-and-rescue team to Haiti.


WJR collects supplies for Winter Survival

December 9, 2009

Over 4,000 bags of essential supplies for impoverished Jews in Eastern Europe have been collected through World Jewish Relief’s Operation Winter Survival campaign.

Donations of warm clothes, toiletries and nappies have come from families, shuls, schools and cheders.

Finchley Reform congregant Debra Brunner recently went to Belarus to help distribute WJR bags to clients such as Marina, a 43-year-old woman living with her husband and two children in a cramped two-bedroom flat.