Love to hate Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone

By Sandy Rashty and Charlotte Oliver, February 14, 2014

If you’re a single Jewish girl, you’ll experience one or more of these things today:

1) You wake up to a box of chocolates and note … from your mum. The note ends with a JDate subscription and ticket to a Jewish Care Jew-do – that you pocket for later.


Lack of Jewish women leaders attacked

By Rosa Doherty, January 25, 2016

Women must work with communal organisations to secure better representation, a leading group has argued following the inclusion of only one woman in the Jewish Leadership Council's delegation to Downing Street last week.


Why the JLC own goal was so easy to avoid

By Simon Rocker, January 25, 2016

The Jewish Leadership Council's commission on women in Jewish leadership was a concerted effort to break the male stranglehold on communal organisations.

Since the commission reported four years ago, the JLC has tried to encourage progress. The 16 participants on its Gamechangers scheme to groom future leaders was equally divided between men and women.


Enough is enough - we should be centre stage

By Hannah Brady, January 25, 2016

Five years ago I decided to study in London, and the choice took me directly to the heart of the Anglo-Jewish bubble. Between now and then, I've cherished the opportunities that being an active member and leader of this community has offered me.

Of course, that includes a speaking role in last week's communal delegation to meet the Prime Minister.


Why stopping girls singing in shul could be breaking the law

By Dr Alexis Brassey, January 14, 2016

Many traditional societies still maintain a separation of male and female roles, but to our eyes, these separations which are often governed by religious prohibitions, appear backward. When we, in the West, look at the prevention of women in Saudi Arabia from driving a car or entering a cemetery, we view these sorts of restrictions as discriminatory and retrograde.


Campaigners ‘very disappointed’ over lack of women in JLC Downing Street delegation

By Rosa Doherty, January 14, 2016

Members of a campaign promoting gender equality in Jewish leadership have said they are “very disappointed” that only one woman was included in the Jewish Leadership Council’s delegation to Downing Street this week.

Union of Jewish Students president Hannah Brady was part of an otherwise all-male team of 12 leaders who held talks with Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday.


Only one woman at Jewish Leadership Council's Downing Street meeting - and they don't even know who she is

By JC Reporter, January 13, 2016

Concerns over the paucity of women in communal leadership roles were inadvertently raised during the Jewish Leadership Council’s visit to Downing Street this week.

The organisation took a delegation of 12 people to meet Prime Minister David Cameron, with only one woman in the group — Union of Jewish Students president Hannah Brady.


League of Jewish Women launches campaign to feed the homeless

By Naomi Firsht, December 31, 2015

The League of Jewish Women has launched a New Year campaign to provide two extra meals a week for the homeless in 2016.

The League is aiming to provide 200 cans of soup, 100 cans of baked beans and 60 new pairs of socks every month to the Camden Spectrum Centre in north London which provides services to the homeless.


Survey reveals Jewish women's attitudes to covering their hair

By Sandy Rashty, December 27, 2015

Women across the religious spectrum are now more likely to question their decision to cover their hair, according to an expert.

Cambridge-born researcher Tikva Blaukopf said that women had never really asked themselves before why such an act was necessary.

Ms Blaukopf, who now lives in Jerusalem, asked 200 Jewish women from the Reform to Charedi movements, aged 19-65, about the issue.


Girls' school puts brake on student drivers

By Simon Rocker, December 10, 2015

A strictly Orthodox girls' school in Hendon has told pupils that they should not drive in.

The independent Beth Jacob Grammar has issued a reminder of an existing rule, which applies only to "a few girls" as the school has only one sixth-form year.

A number of reasons, including safety, were behind the policy, a spokesperson explained.