US Presidential race

Sanders misses out on historic victory by smallest margin

By Josh Jackman, February 2, 2016

Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has narrowly lost the Iowa caucuses to Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

If Vermont Senator Sanders had won the caucuses, he would have become the first Jew - and the first non-Christian - to win a US presidential primary.


Sanders poised to make history

By Robert Philpot, January 28, 2016

At some point in the next 10 days, the improbable candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the Jewish self-declared socialist challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination, will likely make history.


Bloomberg mulls presidential bid as independent but ‘won’t run against Clinton’

By Josh Jackman, January 25, 2016

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering a run as an independent candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

It is understood the billionaire businessman, who holds both conservative and liberal views, has told advisers he is willing to spend up to $1 billion (£700m) if he chooses to run.


How Rubio won over Adelson

By Robert Philpot, November 5, 2015

It is hard to argue that casino-owner and Republican super-donor Sheldon Adelson is not a gambling man. But his apparently imminent endorsement of Marco Rubio, the Florida Senator hoping to take on Hillary Clinton in next year's presidential election, still appears something of a long shot.


Ben Carson claims gun ownership could have saved more Jews from the Holocaust

By Josh Jackman, October 9, 2015

A Republican presidential candidate has been condemned for saying that Holocaust victims might have stopped the genocide if they had been armed.


Ann Coulter in Twitter tirade over Republicans’ pitch to Jews

By Josh Jackman, September 17, 2015

A prominent American political commentator has accused the Republican presidential candidates of pandering to Jews.

During last night’s televised debate between the 11 main candidates for the 2016 election, Ann Coulter, a conservative pundit and author, tweeted to her 660,000 followers: “How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”


Meet the Democrats' 'kosher Donald Trump'

By Robert Philpot, August 6, 2015

With an estimated net worth of $30m, he may not quite be in the same league as the billionaire Republican presidential hopeful, but it's not just his considerable wealth that has led commentators to dub Alan Grayson the Democrats' answer to Donald Trump.


I'm Simon Conway, the man who'll make the next president

By Simon Conway, February 12, 2015

Here at the Jewish Chronicle, they wanted to know about a journey. My journey from being a kid and growing up in Willesden to becoming a gatekeeper for those who want to be the most powerful man - or woman - on the planet.


Olmert versus Adelson: the gloves are off

By Anshel Pfeffer, November 15, 2012

The aftermath of the US presidential elections has spilled over into the Israeli election campaign as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s most vocal critic and staunchest supporter engaged in a high-profile war of words.


Pollster's winning accuracy on US presidential elections

By Gil Shefler, November 15, 2012

He’s 50 per cent Jewish — and almost 100 per cent accurate when predicting election results.

Nate Silver, the 34-year-old pollster for the New York Times, was the man in the news last week after he called the elections for incumbent Barack Obama with amazing accuracy.