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Kerry in Israel to kickstart peace talks, reports suggest

By Anna Sheinman, March 20, 2013

US Secretary of State John Kerry may use this week's US presidential trip to Israel to begin peace talks based on the 2002 Saudi peace initiative, reports in the Israeli media suggest.


Barak: Israel may take ‘unilateral’ steps to solve conflict

By Sandy Rashty, March 4, 2013

Defence Minister Ehud Barak told the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) conference on Sunday that Israel would consider taking "unilateral steps" to solve ongoing tensions with the Palestinians in the absence of a "reasonable, fair, interim agreement".


Kerry to meet Turkish PM about anti-Zionist statement

By Anna Sheinman, March 1, 2013

US Secretary of State John Kerry is to raise concerns directly with the Turkish Prime Minister for saying that Zionism is a “crime against humanity” on par with antisemitism and fascism, Reuters has reported.


With Hagel on side, Obama looks set for Middle East scrap

By Jonathan Cummings, February 28, 2013

President Obama’s nominee for Defence Secretary, former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, has been confirmed by the Senate, ending several weeks of deeply acrimonious hearings in Congress.


John Kerry's visit teaches Hague about patronising platitudes

By Martin Bright, February 28, 2013

The new US Secretary of State, John Kerry, honoured the UK with a visit at the start of his first diplomatic tour in the post and dished out a lesson in how it feels to be a small nation patronised by a superpower. There was ample briefing in advance that the focus of his discussions with the UK government would be Syria and the stalled Middle East peace process.


John Kerry plans to restart peace process as secretary of state

By Anna Sheinman, January 25, 2013

US Senator John Kerry plans to restart the peace process in the Middle East if he becomes secretary of state, the American Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro told Army Radio on Friday.

This announcement confirms what Mr Kerry said in his US Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday, where he said he hoped the Israeli elections would allow for a renewal of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.


White House: Morsi bloodsucker remarks ‘deeply offensive’

By Sandy Rashty, January 16, 2013

The White House has hit out at Mohamed Morsi over the Egyptian President’s recently-revealed comments that he called Zionists “bloodsuckers” in a television interview aired in 2010.


Hagel says he has 'unequivocal' support for Israel

By Anna Sheinman, January 8, 2013

Chuck Hagel, who was nominated as US Defence Secretary on Monday, has hit back at critics saying there is “not one shred of evidence that I'm anti-Israeli”.

In an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star of his home state, Nebraska, he said that his critics have “completely distorted” his record, which in fact, shows “unequivocal, total support for Israel".


United States was not target for spy Pollard

By Sandy Rashty, December 27, 2012

A recently declassified CIA document suggests that Jonathan Pollard, the imprisoned American who spied for Israel, was never asked to obtain sensitive information on the US.

The report by the CIA included polygraph-monitored statements given by Pollard shortly after he had been handed a life sentence by US prosecutors in 1987.


Optimism that EU will label Hizbollah ‘terrorists’

By Sandy Rashty, December 20, 2012

The US and Israel-led campaign to have Hizbollah labelled a terrorist organisation by the EU and secure a Europe-wide ban on the group has taken a step forward.