Why chaplains matter on campus

By Josh Isaac, September 4, 2014

Never will UK Students be able to go even one week without the invaluable support of chaplaincy. This is the sometimes underestimated rabbinical backbone of Jewish life on campus.

Whilst some do their work alongside their dedicated spouses, some of the chaplains work tirelessly on their own to ensure that they are there for Jewish Students in a range of individual cases.


Unified not uniform

By Ella Rose, August 19, 2014

The past months have seen testing times for the Jewish community, culminating in some people attacking our community’s leadership on not defending Israel enough and some Jewish students attacking UJS for defending Israel too much.


Campus Highlights 2013-14

By Josh Isaac, July 29, 2014

A Look over the past year at Universities in the UK to see some of the most memorable events

Art Show at JW3 (UJS).jpg
Cambridge Win Jewniversity Challenge (UJS).jpg
Camden Pub Crawl (UCL JSoc).jpg
Jewish Experience Week (UJS).jpg
JUEFA Cup (UJS).jpg
JUEFA Cup 2 (UJS).jpg
Holocaust Memorial Day at Brunel (R'Broder).jpg
Leeds JSoc (UJS).jpg
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UJS Awards (UJS).jpg
UJS Awards Winners (UJS).jpg
UJS Summit (UJS).jpg
UJS Summit 2 (UJS).jpg
Warwick JSoc on Yom Ha'atzmaut (UJS).jpg


Greek Orthodox priest launches King's College London's Israel Society

By Charlotte Oliver, June 18, 2014

King's College London's newly launched Israel Society held its first event last week, when Father Gabriel Nadaf visited campus.

The Greek Orthodox priest, who encourages Arab Christians to participate in military and national service, is a leading and sometime controversial voice in Israeli politics.


Rabbi Naftali Schiff: Aish UK's wonderwall

By Sandy Rashty, June 12, 2014

The executive director of Aish UK is running on just three hours sleep.

Rabbi Naftali Schiff had left his office at 4.30am - hours before we met - to prepare for the Jewish education charity's first major fundraiser in a decade.


Campus Notebook: June 6, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, June 3, 2014

Rabbi in the mix

Student radio show JewkBoxOx had a special guest star last week while co-presenter Louis Trup (or DJ LTJ) busied himself with finals. Taking the mic alongside regular broadcaster Ben Goldstein was Oxford chaplain Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld-Schueler (pictured right), who, before he hosted Shabbat dinners, was a teenage DJ host in his home-town of Missouri.


Sussex Union rejects Israel boycott

By Charlotte Oliver, June 3, 2014

A motion calling on Sussex University’s student union to “endorse a boycott of Israeli academic and cultural institutions” has been overwhelmingly defeated, putting the union at odds with the university’s official policy.

Students voted against the motion, by 904 votes to 649.


Farewell to UJS’ non-stop president

By Charlotte Oliver, June 3, 2014

Joe Tarsh never planned to go to university. Instead, his studies would end at Hasmonean High, before he left on a one-way trip to Israel.

But the 22-year-old wound up studying for a degree in youth and community at Manchester Metropolitan.

Just as unexpected was his decision to run for presidency of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).


Let students do it their way

By Maggie Suissa, June 3, 2014

Last Friday, students at Sussex University overwhelmingly rejected a call for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel. In this high voter turnout of 1553, the motion fell by a significant amount with 904 votes against and 649 votes in favour.


Campus Notebook: May 30, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, May 29, 2014

Soak-ay for some