Student union apologises after Nazi logo used on poster

By Marcus Dysch, February 17, 2015

Officials at a students’ union have claimed the use of a Nazi logo in advertising material for a German-themed social event was “a genuine mistake”.

Students at Aberystwyth University in Wales complained after the advert appeared on Facebook featuring an SS emblem.


LSE probe praise for bomber

By Naomi Firsht, February 5, 2015

The London School of Economics is investigating comments made at a meeting held on Holocaust Memorial Day after complaints from Jewish students.

At a panel discussion, hosted jointly by the Palestine and Feminist Societies, speaker Rana Baker allegedly said Lebanese suicide bomber Sana Mehaidli was "admirable" and "deserves a standing ovation".

Mehaidli killed two IDF soldiers when she explo


Get involved, Israelis urged

By Naomi Firsht, January 29, 2015

Israeli students are being urged to take more of a role in Jewish life on campus.

"Most of them go straight through the university when they come to study here and are not in touch with any Jewish organisations, said Orly Goldschmidt, a campus worker for Jewish Agency for Israel.


Mid East debate cancelled over campus security fears

By Josh Jackman, January 20, 2015

A debate on the Israel-Palestinian conflict at York University has been cancelled due to security fears.

The session, scheduled for Tuesday, would have featured a speech and questions and answers with former Labour councillor Luke Akehurst, who is also director of the campaign group We Believe in Israel.


Students slug it out over twinning plan

By Jonathan Kalmus, October 30, 2014

Manchester University Union has been accused of running an unfair vote over a motion to twin with a Palestinian university union allegedly linked to Hamas.

Jewish and non-Jewish students running a campaign against the motion said the university had unfairly cancelled the week-long student ballot over a complaint that their campaign had received external funding.


Student politics isn’t working

By Maggie Suissa, October 24, 2014

Last week, while we were sitting in our succahs, student politics took a worrying turn.

Goldsmiths students union rejected a motion which called to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, as well as other days marking genocides in Europe.


Our fight to change the NUS

By Maggie Suissa, October 23, 2014

Last week student politics took a worrying turn. Goldsmiths students union rejected a motion which called to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. It also became apparent that the National Union of Students had rejected a call to condemn ISIS, and the far-right group National Action made another campus appearance, this time at Warwick.


Students play down memorial day row

By Naomi Firsht, October 23, 2014

The student union at Goldsmiths College has denied it rejected Holocaust Memorial Day.

A motion to mark HMD, as well as days commemorating genocides in Armenia and Ukraine, was voted down by 60 to one.

Student Colin Cortbus, who put forward the proposal, said its rejection was "sad for democracy and tolerance".


Students condemn their professors over Israel criticism

By Josh Jackman, October 14, 2014

Cambridge University students have condemned 60 academics who issued a statement criticising Israel.

The students said the professors were “misguided and myopic”, and called their statement “un-academic”.


UK students reject chance to study in Israel

By Michael Knipe, September 12, 2014

British graduates are missing out on scholarships to study at Israeli universities because of students' negative attitudes towards Israel.

For more than 40 years two educational trusts administered by the Anglo-Israel Association (AIA) have awarded scholarships for graduates to undertaking research at Israeli universities and for Israelis to study at British institutions.