Students set for UJS ‘Oscar night’

By Charlotte Oliver, March 28, 2014

Jewish societies have been undeniably busy this year, with efforts ranging from Friday night dinners to campaigns to block boycotters and counter Israel Apartheid Week on campus.

These achievements will be honoured on Sunday, when over 180 students come together at JW3 in London for their version of Oscar night — the annual Union of Jewish Students Awards.


Hostility fears keep Israeli students away from UK

By Marcus Dysch, March 28, 2014

A false perception that Britain is hostile towards Israelis has led to fewer students coming to study, Universities and Science Minister David Willetts has claimed.

Mr Willetts said closer research links and increased academic exchanges with Israelis were needed to reverse the decline.


Campus Notebook: March 28, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, March 27, 2014


Three Nottingham students are making waves by establishing themselves as stars of local media.

First it was JSoc president Jordan Rinsler and committee member Ben Carr channelling their very best Ron Burgundys as correspondents for University Radio Nottingham during the student union elections.


Kings College London's student union votes for Israel boycott

By Charlotte Oliver, March 27, 2014

Students at Kings College London passed a controversial anti-Israel motion this week, despite strong opposition from Jews on campus.

The motion, which was passed by the student union, called for the university to boycott Israel and “raise awareness of the country’s apartheid policies”.


Campus Notebook: March 21, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, March 21, 2014



On Campus in March 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, March 18, 2014

Campuses got creative for Purim fancy dress...

UCL campus.JPG
Aish Rabbi Leeds.JPG
Nottingham Aish.JPG
Nottingham Aish2.JPG
Birmingham Aish.JPG
Nottingham Chabad.jpg
Nottingham Chabad2.jpg
Cambridge Purim.jpg
Cambridge Purim2.JPG
Nottingham Purim Story.JPG
Nottingham Purim Story2.JPG
Nottingham Purim Story3.JPG
Nottingham Purim Story4.JPG
Nottingham Purim Story5.JPG
Nottingham Purim Story6.JPG
Nottingham baking.JPG
Nottingham baking2.JPG
Purim Liverpool.JPG
Manchester Purim.jpg
Manchester Purim2.jpg
Manchester Purim3.jpg
Manchester Purim4.jpg
Manchester Purim5.jpg
Manchester Purim6.jpg
Purim Leeds.JPG
Islington Chabad.JPG
Islington Chabad2.bmp
Islington Chabad3.bmp
Purim Liverpool1.JPG
Purim Liverpool2.JPG
Purim Liverpool3.JPG
Purim Liverpool4.JPG
Purim Liverpool6.JPG
purim liverpool7.JPG


Bringing interfaith to campus

By Rachel Bronstein & Tammy Ostro, March 5, 2014

As co-presidents of Durham University Jewish Society, we have become increasingly aware that our position has provided us with an opportunity to actively broach prevalent religious issues, rather than remaining introverted – concerned only with the needs of our members.


Campus Notebook: February 28, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, February 27, 2014



Students put a face (or faces) to apartheid fight

By Charlotte Oliver, February 27, 2014

A student-led campaign to challenge anti-Zionism on campus has gained global backing with thousands of students across the world lending their faces to the cause.


Why creationism still belongs in schools

By Adam Hilsenrath, February 26, 2014

Like many other politics students, I often enjoy watching Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons every Wednesday at noon.

As this inconveniently conflicts with my politics lessons in school, I turn to the medium of the Daily Politics Show, which couples the ever-entertaining Commons debates with further argument and discussion between guests of opposing political persuasions.