On Campus in December 2013

By Charlotte Oliver, December 4, 2013

The beginning of December was lit by menorahs as Chanucah ushered in the cold, wintery month. Students around the UK got into the holiday spirit, joining JSocs, Chabadniks and Chaplains in celebrating the occasion with parties, dinners - and, of course, a whole lot of doughnuts.

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Campus Notebook: November 29, 2013

By Charlotte Oliver, November 29, 2013



Universities raise £1.2m to save rare documents

By Simon Rocker, November 29, 2013

Oxford and Cambridge Universities compete as fiercely in the academic arena as they do in the boat race.

But, in a unique partnership, the two rival institutions have joined forces to save a collection of rare medieval Hebrew documents for Britain.


UJS Elections: It’s Mr Motivator versus Ms Experience

By Charlotte Oliver, November 29, 2013

Third-year students Raphi Diamond and Ella Rose have launched their campaigns to be the next Union of Jewish Students’ president.

The two candidates have spent the week touring campuses across the country and meeting members of Jewish Societies in a bid to gain support.


Campus Notebook: November 22, 2013

By Charlotte Oliver, November 22, 2013



Two-person race for UJS president

By Charlotte Oliver, November 20, 2013

Campaigns were launched this week for the top role in Jewish student politics, UJS president, with two third-year students in the running.

Ella Rose is studying history and politics at the University of Nottingham. She hopes to use her experience as JSoc’s Israel campaigns officer to drive UJS forward as a “grassroots, peer-led organisation”.


Campus Notebook: November 15, 2013

By Charlotte Oliver, November 15, 2013



Manchester victory over boycotters

By Charlotte Oliver, November 14, 2013

Manchester University Jewish Society defeated a motion at the students’ union last week, which called on the university to end its partnership plans with Israel’s Technion Institute.

The Students’ Union Assembly gathered 17 randomly selected students to vote on the motion, which protested against an agreement signed in August between the university and the Haifa-based institute.


Britain's ‘super’ university link with Israel

By Charlotte Oliver, November 14, 2013

Representatives from five British universities have travelled to Israel to explore the country’s academic opportunities for British students.

Officials from Nottingham, Sussex, City, Essex and Cardiff Universities — members of the UK Study in Israel Delegation — spent five days touring campuses, including the University of Haifa, Ben Gurion and the Technion Institute.


The chicken soup will always triumph

By Ella Stern, November 13, 2013

I am a hardcore, born and bred, Brent cross-shopping, Northern line-riding, Dignity-schmoozing, fro yo-eating, North West Londoner.

But now in my second year at university, I have once again fled my comfy, washed ‘n’ ironed nest and moved to East London, in an effort to prove to myself I am far cooler than I actually am.