Ukraine has only just begun its journey to the truth

By Samuel Sokol, October 6, 2016

A visitor to Kiev's Babi Yar ravine, the site of one of the 20th century's greatest acts of mass-murder, usually walks away solemn and depressed.

Making my way through the crowds last Thursday to the official state service marking the 75th anniversary of the massacre, my usual feelings were supplanted by growing rage.

Strewn along the path at regular intervals were signs recounting in excruc


Newlyweds fighting for British visa

By Lianne Kolirin, August 25, 2016

A property investor has temporarily moved to live in Ukraine as he fights for his new wife to be allowed into Britain.

Michael Buskin and Olga Bukhman were married in the eastern European country last week, after meeting on Jewish dating app JCrush.

When Mr Buskin, 35, first connected with the 27-year-old university lecturer there was instant chemistry - but strict immigration controls made


Tikva's got talent, says Walliams

May 20, 2016

David Walliams brought star quality to Tikva UK's dinner in London's Mayfair which raised more than£1 million for Tikva children's homes in Odessa, Ukraine.

The emotional impact was in the story of Raya Skakun. Brought to Tikva at the age of six, she grew up in its homes. "Tikva gave me that hope for a better life that I didn't know I deserved," she said.


Ukrainian parliament votes in Jewish prime minister

By Josh Jackman, April 14, 2016

Ukraine has its first Jewish prime minister after the parliament gave its approval for speaker Volodymyr Groysman to take the post.

Mr Groysman, 38, was voted in by a margin of 257 to 50 after MPs formally accepted the resignation of former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The former leader announced on Sunday that he intended to step down after two years in office.


Ukrainian oligarchs call off London court case

By Simon Rocker, January 23, 2016

A High Court showdown in London involving three Ukrainian Jewish businessmen is understood to have been averted at the last minute.

Victor Pinchuk’s case against Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Igor Kolomoisky had been due to begin on Monday and scheduled to last for eight weeks.

But the disputing parties have reached an out-of-court settlement, according to sources close to the parties.


Ukraine plans museum to commemorate Babi Yar

By Julie Masis, January 7, 2016

A museum will be built in Ukraine next year to mark the 75th anniversary of one of the biggest single Holocaust massacres, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital announced last week.


Jewish-Ukrainian politician 'kidnapped'

January 7, 2016

Jewish-Ukrainian politician Gennady Korban, who is charged with being involved in organised crime, has compared his case to a famous 1913 blood libel trial in which a Russian Jew was accused of ritual murder.


'Ukrainians still need our help'

By Rosa Doherty, December 10, 2015

A United Synagogue rabbi has urged the community to focus its attention on the plight of Jews in war-torn Ukraine.

Rabbi David Mason, of Muswell Hill Synagogue in north London, said that while other issues had made headlines in recent weeks, Jews caught up in the conflict between Ukraine and Russian separatists needed "our help and our thoughts".


Far-right party founder from Ukraine welcomed in the UK

By Sandy Rashty, October 20, 2015

A leading British think-tank has defended its decision to invite a far-right party founder to speak at an event in London this week.


Ukrainian tour guide denied visa to go to shul

By Naomi Firsht, September 24, 2015

A Ukrainian tour guide has been refused a visa to visit a London synagogue, prompting a complaint to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Anna Grudinovker was told she could not enter the country after being invited by Hackney and East London synagogue to attend a special Shabbat event and give a talk on the Jewish community in her native Odessa.