UK government

New government will continue to fight antisemitism, minister tells parliamentary group

By Marcus Dysch, June 2, 2015

The government will continue to fight antisemitism “seriously”, a new minister has told a parliamentary group dedicated to combating Jew-hatred.

Baroness Williams confirmed that the new Conservative administration would back initiatives introduced in the previous parliament and would report regularly on its progress in tackling antisemitism.


Eric Pickles announces £1.5m for projects preserving Holocaust survivors' testimony

By JC Reporter, March 27, 2015

A £1.5 million package to safeguard the memories of Holocaust survivors for future generations has been announced by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

The initiative includes a £1 million project to record and digitally preserve the stories of Holocaust survivors who have not yet given their testimony.


Meet the 85-year-old standing for Parliament

By Marcus Dysch, March 26, 2015

At her stage of life, Doris Osen could be expected to take things easy, spend time with her grandchildren, and enjoy her retirement.

But fresh from celebrating her 85th birthday on Monday she is preparing for a new challenge - as a candidate in the general election.


Government announces £1.2 million UK-Israel cyber security project

By Marcus Dysch, March 24, 2015

British and Israeli academics will take part in a £1.2 million joint cyber security research project announced by the Cabinet Office.

There will be three partnerships – with two teams at Ramat Gan’s Bar Ilan University working with the University of Bristol and University College London, and a University of Kent link-up with the University of Haifa.


Government 'considering' shul security funding in response to JC campaign

By Marcus Dysch, February 26, 2015

The government is considering whether to set up a fund to cover the costs of synagogue security in response to the JC’s Secure our Shuls campaign.

Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said on Wednesday that ministers are looking into what more could be done to protect British Jews and Jewish institutions.


Foreign Office announces David Quarrey will be next ambassador to Israel

By Marcus Dysch, February 24, 2015

The Foreign Office has revealed that the next British ambassador to Israel will be David Quarrey.

Currently director of the department’s Near East and North Africa desk, he will replace Matthew Gould in July.

Mr Gould has been in Tel Aviv since 2010 and was the first British Jewish diplomat to be appointed to the role.


Hamas rebuilding efforts questioned

By Marcus Dysch, February 19, 2015

A parliamentary debate will focus on how Britain can help prevent further conflict in Gaza.

The Westminster Hall session will take place on Wednesday and will be led by Labour Friends of Israel vice-chairman Michael McCann MP.

LFI has produced a briefing pack for MPs highlighting action being taken by Hamas to re-arm, including the rebuilding of tunnels destroyed by Israel last summer, and t


Anger over proposal to scrap compensation fund for Holocaust victims

By Charlotte Oliver, February 11, 2015

A scheme that compensates victims of the Holocaust for their financial losses during the war may be scrapped by the government in a bid to save taxpayers’ money.

Under Winston Churchill’s wartime government, British-based savings and properties belonging to Nazi victims in Germany, Japan, Italy and occupied Europe were seized to stop them falling under enemy control.


Ukip in shechita shambles

By Sandy Rashty, February 5, 2015

UKIP's efforts to attract Jewish voters are in chaos after it first reversed its policy on religious slaughter - and then appeared to make a partial reversal of that reversal.


Ukip back ban on shechita in policy u-turn

By Sandy Rashty, February 3, 2015

Ukip has reversed its policy on shechita by backing a ban on non-stun slaughter of animals.

The party is the first to support animal rights groups demanding an end to the practice in kosher and halal abattoirs.