Why Israel tours will be getting more scientific

April 16, 2013

Youth group members on Israel tours this year will have an additional item on their itinerary — a visit to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot.

The idea originated from Weizmann UK as part of its educational drive and has been taken up by UJIA, which organises the Israel trips, and the youth movements themselves.


Israel engagement — it’s Closer than you think

By Barry Toberman, April 16, 2013

A year-long initiative to increase British Jews’ engagement with Israel is being launched to coincide with Yom Ha’atzmaut.


Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks tells students 'Israel is the role model of hope'

By Zoe Winograd, March 15, 2013

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks told students in a speech at Tel Hai Academic College that despite the “challenges facing all humanity, Israel is the role model of hope.”


How Britain is transforming the Galilee

By Jenni Frazer, February 21, 2013

If there is one word which is used repeatedly in the Galilee, it is “vision.” Sometimes, looking around the northern region of Israel and realising the range of the challenges, vision is about all there is: a vision of the future of the country which, little by little, is changing for the better with British input.


Chief Rabbi defends Rupert Murdoch during Israel tour

By Jenni Frazer, February 14, 2013

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks made an unexpectedly robust defence of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch this week, declaring that Israel did not have “a better or more significant friend in the world” than Mr Murdoch.

Lord Sacks spoke during his last official visit to Israel as chief rabbi, in a mission to the northern projects of the UJIA.


Kemp enjoys northern exposure with UJIA

By Jonathan Kalmus, January 28, 2013

TV presenter and former EastEnders actor Ross Kemp had a starring role in the Manchester UJIA dinner on Monday, which raised more than £600,000 for projects in northern Israel.


UJIA drops unpaid leave plan for staff

By Simon Rocker, January 10, 2013

The UJIA has shelved plans to ask staff to take two weeks’ unpaid leave this year in order to cut the charity’s costs.

Staff had been warned of the move at the end of last year.

For an employee on a salary of £25,000, it would have meant the loss of nearly £1,000, equivalent to a four per cent pay cut.


The 40-somethings who lead the UJIA

By Simon Rocker, December 14, 2012

Few Anglo-Jewish leaders have risen to the top as rapidly as Bill Benjamin, the Californian-born chairman-designate of the UJIA who will succeed Mick Davis next month. An executive in an international property investment company, he had been on a couple of UJIA missions but by his own admission “wasn’t heavily active” in it when he was approached to run it a year ago.


UJIA helps teachers’ links with Israeli counterparts

By Sandy Rashty, November 22, 2012

Schoolteachers who have just returned from a UJIA-organised tour to Israel have described the current situation as “surreal”.

The 22-strong group of Jewish and non-Jewish teachers from seven Jewish schools in the UK, participated in the programme’s six-day seminar, which included tours around Jerusalem and teaching lessons at partner schools.