Israeli Everest climber honoured for rescuing Turk

By Jennifer Lipman, May 29, 2012

An Israeli who saved a Turkish climber's life when he was moments from the Everest summit is to be awarded Israel's Presidential Medal of Honour.

Nadav Ben Yehuda was on his way to becoming the youngest Israeli mountaineer to scale the mountain, when he saw that a fellow climber was in distress.

He abandoned his ascent to rescue the man – despite being just 300 yards from the summit.


Israeli climber aids Turk stranded on Everest

By Sarai Sinai, May 22, 2012

An Israeli climber who was said to be 300 yards away from reaching the Everest summit abandoned his climb in order to assist an injured Turkish climber.

The Times of Israel reported that upon being rescued by a helicopter, Nadav Ben Yehuda was found to be suffering from severe frostbite which could have caused him to lose fingers. Eight people died climbing to the Everest summit this week.


Israel not on the list for NATO summit in Chicago

By Sandy Rashty, May 11, 2012

Israel will not be invited to the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance conference in Chicago at the end of this month, following the collapse in its relationship with Turkey.


Turkey blocking Israel's presence at NATO summit

By Jennifer Lipman, April 24, 2012

The collapse in diplomatic relations between Israel and Turkey means the Jewish state is likely to be barred from participating in a North Atlantic Treaty Alliance summit in May.

Israel could in theory take part in the Chicago summit next month in its capacity as a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, a NATO outreach group whose other members include Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria.


Hitler the star of Turkish shampoo advert

By Jennifer Lipman, March 23, 2012

Cosmetics advertisers have gone to great lengths over the years to attract consumers. Now a Turkish shampoo company has decided to engage the help of the Nazi leader to convince people its brand is best.

Biomen's advert, which features archive footage of Hitler, is on air in Turkey at present.


Israelis warned of terror threat in Turkey

By Jennifer Lipman, March 14, 2012

Fears about a potential terror attack in Turkey have prompted Israel to warn its citizens not to travel there.

Until about two years ago, Turkey was one of the most popular tourist destinations for Israel. But relations became frosty in the wake of the deaths of Turkish anti-Israel activists on board a Gaza-bound flotilla in May 2010, and have been fractured ever since.


Israel's front-line in the South Caucasus

By Tim Judah, February 6, 2012

Aghdam is as far as you can go. Travel east, cross Turkey, pass the snow-capped twin peaks of Ararat, cross Armenia and finally you get to Nagorno-Karabakh. As the Soviet Union collapsed, this was the front-line in a brutal war pitting Armenians against Azerbaijanis, or Azeris. Thousands died and more than a million fled their homes. Today, Aghdam is an extraordinary place.


Turkish envoy defends policy against Israel

By Simon Rocker, January 5, 2012

A senior diplomat from Turkey's UK embassy braved a battery of questions on his country's rocky relations with Israel in one of the closing sessions of the winter Limmud conference.

Kerem Kiratli, the deputy chief of mission, stood in for his ambassador, who had been planning to attend but had been summoned to a conference in Ankara.

Israel's once-strong relations with Turkey dived after nin


Israel cancels military contract with Turkey

By Jennifer Lipman, December 29, 2011

The increasingly fragile relationship between Israel and Turkey showed no sign of improvement this week after the Israeli government cancelled a military contract worth more than £90 million.

The government had been due to supply Turkey with an aerial intelligence system in a deal agreed two years ago.


Israel's politicians debate recognition of Armenian genocide

By Jennifer Lipman, December 27, 2011

Israeli parliamentarians have debated whether the country should officially recognise the mass killings of Armenians during the First World War as genocide.

Last week France angered Turkey by passing a law criminalising denying that what happened in 1915 was genocide.