Toulouse murders

Al Jazeera sent video footage of Merah Toulouse killings

By Jennifer Lipman, March 27, 2012

Footage of Mohammed Merah's shooting attacks in Toulouse has been obtained by the Paris branch of Arabic-language satellite news channel Al Jazeera.

The channel gave the memory stick, said to contain two clips of up to 25 minutes of video footage, to investigators on the case.


Toulouse gunman Merah's brother charged as accomplice

By Jennifer Lipman, March 26, 2012

The brother of the gunman who shot and killed four people at a Jewish school a week ago has been charged as an accomplice.


Toulouse murder widow: do good in their memories

By Jennifer Lipman, March 23, 2012

The woman who lost two children and her husband five days ago when an Islamist gunman attacked a school in Toulouse has issued a plea for Jews to do a good deed in their memory.


Tragedy in Toulouse shows Jew-hatred is alive and well

By Denis MacShane, March 22, 2012

Is it possible, finally, for the British establishment to get its head out of the sand and admit that 21st century hatred of Jews is real? The Jew-killer of Toulouse who allegedly took the time to film the children he shot in cold blood, claimed he did so because of Israel's policies towards Palestinians.


Toulouse horror is the latest spawn of radical Islam

By Stephen Pollard, March 22, 2012

The familiar headlong rush with which the culprits of a terrorist attack are pronounced with certainty barely minutes after it happens has rarely been more decisively skewered than on Wednesday morning.

France woke up to the news that it was not, as the media had spent two days insisting, a crazed fascist who had murdered three North Africans and four Jews in two separate attacks.


Don't panic - in the UK we make security a priority

By Richard Benson, March 22, 2012

It seems almost wrong to stress, while the horrors are still so fresh, that Jewish life here continues. Nevertheless, it does continue. We had security before Toulouse and we will, most certainly, have it after Toulouse. But there is a moral and practical imperative to learn what we can from the attack.


Toulouse tragedy: questions over Jewish school security provision

By Marcus Dysch, March 22, 2012

There were surveillance cameras and a tall fence around the Otzar HaTorah school in Toulouse. But the cameras were not manned and there was no guard.

The tragedy was "an accident waiting to happen" according to a British member of the city's Jewish community.


Toulouse Jewish school killer dead after police break stand-off

By Jennifer Lipman, March 22, 2012

The suspected murderer of four Jews at a school in Toulouse and three French paratroopers has been confirmed dead in gunfire with police.


Toulouse stand-off continues 30 hours later

By Jennifer Lipman, March 22, 2012

More than a day after French police surrounded a house in Toulouse the fate of the man suspected of up to seven murders is unknown.

Gunman Mohammed Merah may not still be alive, said Claude Gueant, France's Interior Minister. Police are understood to have entered the building, although Mr Gueant did not confirm that.


Toulouse stand-off continues as more details about suspected killer emerge

By Jennifer Lipman, March 21, 2012

It has now been around 17 hours since police surrounded a building in Toulouse in order to take a man, suspected of killing up to seven people, into custody.

Yet despite earlier reports, Mohammed Merah has not been arrested and remains holed up inside. Police are believed to be preparing to storm the building.