The Promise

Peter Kosminsky says he kept Promise

By Marcus Dysch, March 31, 2011

Film-maker Peter Kosminsky has staunchly defended his drama series The Promise in his first public comments. Speaking at a Q&A session on Tuesday hosted by the TV station Al-Jazeera, Mr Kosminsky, 54, said that some reactions had been "hysterical".


Viewers want to see The Promise... in court

By Jonathan Goldberg, March 14, 2011

Elaine from Bournemouth writes: I am incandescent with anger after watching The Promise on Channel 4 with my father. My father fought in the British Army during World War Two. Later he was a volunteer in Israel's War of Independence. He witnessed at first-hand some of the events depicted in this series.


Fatah could have written The Promise

By Simon Round, March 3, 2011

First, the good news. Peter Kosminsky's The Promise is a welcome and long overdue attempt to dramatise the final days of the British Mandate in Palestine.

The acting by a British and Israeli cast is excellent, as is some of the writing. Also, the series, made completely on location, has injected millions into the Israeli economy.


Experts: The Promise deliberately demonises Israel

By Marcus Dysch, March 3, 2011

The Zionist Federation has led a barrage of complaints to Channel 4 over its drama series, The Promise, which ended on Sunday. Letters of complaint were also sent by the Board of Deputies and the Israeli Embassy in London.

Channel 4 confirmed it had received more than 200 "comments" from viewers but a spokeswoman said: "Well over half were appreciative."


The Promise has an 'anti-Israel premise'

By Marcus Dysch, February 24, 2011

A senior Israeli diplomat says that a drama series about British Mandate Palestine is the worst example of anti-Israel propaganda he has ever seen on television.

The final episode of The Promise will be shown on Channel 4 on Sunday.

Amir Ofek, press attaché at the Israeli embassy in London, said film-maker Peter Kosminsky's story had "created a new category of hostility towards Israel".


Interview: Peter Kosminsky

February 3, 2011

Peter Kosminsky cannot be accused of dodging the difficult assignments. He has made films about British soldiers in Bosnia, about the Falklands War, and the conflict in Northern Ireland. On one occasion while making a documentary about Soviet conscripts in Afghanistan he was marooned on a rocky mountainside for days as shells whizzed past his ears.