The Holocaust

Ilford pays tribute to a Shoah educator

September 24, 2009

A memorial to Auschwitz survivor and Shoah educator Leon Greenman has been unveiled in Valentines Park, Ilford.

Local MPs Mike Gapes and Lee Scott were among the guests at the ceremony at the park’s Holocaust Memorial Garden. It was addressed by another survivor, Issy Hahn, who produced a motif for the memorial.

“This was not easy,” he said. “I put a lot of work in from my heart because I knew what happened in Auschwitz. Hopefully schools and colleges will visit the park and see the memorial, read the text explaining the design, and understand what happened.”


Rail evacuees retrace their Shoah escape

By Marcus Dysch, September 3, 2009

Dozens of Holocaust survivors this week retraced the journey that saved their lives 70 years ago.

They travelled by train from the Czech Republic to London, remembering the efforts of Sir Nicholas Winton, who in 1939 arranged eight Kindertransport trains, saving 669 Czech children.

Among the 170 people who left Prague’s main station on Tuesday morning were 22 of “Winton’s children” and 64 descendants of those saved by him. He was knighted for his rescue mission.


Liechtenstein's banks "helped Holocaust victims"

By Jessica Elgot, August 18, 2009

The Prince of Liechtenstein has outraged Jews in Germany by apparently using the Holocaust to defend its secretive banking practices.

Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein, 64, slammed the German government for putting pressure on the alpine principality to clamp down on wealthy Germans who use the confidential Lichtenstein banking system to evade taxes.

The prince claimed many Jews had been saved during the Holocaust because they were able to buy their safety using secret bank accounts.


Bishop: ‘Pope too sensitive over Shoah’

By Jessica Elgot, August 13, 2009

The head of a controversial Catholic sect has accused the Vatican of excessive sensitivity towards Jews and the Holocaust.

Bishop Bernard Fellay’s comments came after the row over Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson, which led to two Vatican officials being sacked by Pope Benedict XVI.

Bishop Williamson is a former member of Bishop Fellay’s sect, the ultra-conservative “Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X”.


Holocaust heroism honoured

July 23, 2009

The daughter of a British sergeant said to have saved 400 Jewish lives during the war was among relatives of Holocaust heroes who met Communities Minister Shahid Malik in Westminster.

Linda Clarke’s father Charles Coward was captured near Calais and sent to the Monowitz PoW camp (known as Auschwitz III) in 1943. As well as helping the Jewish prisoners, he managed to send coded messages to the British authorities about the number of Jewish transports.


Shoah email sackings

By Marcus Dysch, July 23, 2009

Four council workers have been sacked for sending antisemitic emails comparing Israel’s operations in Gaza to the Holocaust.

Five other staff members received written warnings and have since returned to work at Lancashire County Council.

The office workers were suspended in April after the messages were discovered on the authority’s email accounts. The council said the staff had both sent and received “highly inappropriate emails”.

The sacked staff are appealing against the decision.


Scots Shoah memorial book on display

By Stephanie Brickman, July 16, 2009

Scotland’s first Holocaust Memorial Book has been put on permanent display in the vestibule of Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation’s synagogue. A kiddush marking the event was held by the Association of Jewish Refugees, which created the book.

The leather-bound volume contains the names and some photographs of several hundred people who perished in the Holocaust, all relatives of Scottish Jewish residents.

AJR member Irene Mason, who has seven of her relatives listed, said that preparing the book had been an emotional experience.


Austrian death camp to be ‘filled with trash’

By Anshel Pfeffer, July 2, 2009

Parts of the Gusen 2 Concentration Camp in Austria, almost forgotten for 64 years, are being turned into a residential development, and a former underground slave-labour factory is being filled in, local residents claim.

Tens of thousands of prisoners toiled and died in the vast underground caverns, building jet planes for the Luftwaffe. The site has remained sealed since the camp’s liberation, but redevelopment work recently began.


'We’re saving the site', says Austria

July 2, 2009

“The present emergency measures to secure the tunnel system are taken in order to prevent the further decay of the tunnel system,” says the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs.

“They are considered urgent and unavoidable and are based on an expertise by a renowned Professor of the Austrian Mining University in Leoben.

“After the completion of the works by October 2009, more than 1,900 metres of the tunnels shall be preserved, including the so called ‘natural’ tunnel dug by hand by inmates.


New rights body for survivors

By Leon Symons, July 2, 2009

A new body has been set up to oversee the work of the Holocaust Era Assets Conference, which restores Shoah assets to their owners.

The European Shoah Legacy Institute will act as a forum for those representing Holocaust survivors and other victims of the Nazis. It will also be involved in the fight against racism, xenophobia and antisemitism in Europe and worldwide.