The Holocaust

Dimbleby Belsen report was almost silenced

By Angela Epstein, April 23, 2015

Broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby told the audience at Manchester's Yom Hashoah ceremony that the BBC had not wanted to transmit his father's harrowing report from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.


Birmingham marks Yom Hashoah

April 23, 2015

More than 130 people attended the Birmingham and West Midlands Yom Hashoah commemoration held at the King David School. Because of the current situation in the Ukraine, the event focused on the events of the Holocaust there including the massacre at Babi Yar, interspersed with excerpts from Shostakovich's Babi Yar Symphony.


Yom Hashoah in Leeds

By Cathy Forman, April 23, 2015

Sinai Synagogue in Leeds hosted two speakers to commemorate Yom Hashoah. Professor Griselda Pollock of Leeds University spoke on the theme: How do we remember the Holocaust? How do we remember the Holocaust culturally? What are the politics and ethics of remembrance?


Nazi 'book-keeper' admits to moral guilt

By Charlotte Oliver, April 22, 2015

A former SS guard known as the “book-keeper of Auschwitz” has asked for forgiveness as he stands trial for contributing to the murder of at least 30,000 Jews.

Oskar Groening, now aged 93, said he was “morally guilty”, as he appeared before almost 70 Holocaust survivors and victims’ relatives in court in the north German city of Lueneburg on Tuesday.


Orchard is right up Sam's street

By Jay Grenby , April 20, 2015

The oldest and longest-standing member of Welwyn Garden City Synagogue, 97-year-old Sam Ostro, has had a 20-tree apple orchard named after him.

Sam’s Orchard is located at the corner of the road where the gardening enthusiast has lived for the past 56 years. It is part of a scheme introduced by Welwyn-Hatfield Council to create small orchards in open spaces.


The monster who was my grandad

By Sandy Rashty, April 17, 2015

Jennifer Teege says she will never forget meeting Ari Nornberg, a Holocaust survivor. While promoting her book in Tel Aviv this year, she spotted him sitting “two meters in front of me” in the packed room.


A minute’s reading to remember Anne Frank

By Josh Jackman, April 16, 2015

Celebrities have joined an innovative campaign to mark the 70th anniversary of Anne Frank’s death at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.


UK’s biggest Yom Hashoah

By Sandy Rashty, April 16, 2015

Sir Peter Bazalgette, who leads the Prime Minister’s United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Foundation, will speak at what is set to be the UK’s largest national Yom Hashoah memorial event on Sunday.

More than 3,000 tickets have been booked for the “Remember Together — We are One” commemoration at the Allianz Park stadium in north London.


Bergen Belsen survivor recalls moment of liberation

By Sandy Rashty, April 15, 2015

Today, on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi camp Bergen Belsen by the 11th Armoured Division of the British Army, Holocaust survivors and witnesses rallied to tell their stories.

Holocaust survivor Judy Rosenzweig remembers the moment British troops liberated the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany.


Tears as camp liberation anniversary approaches

By Rosa Doherty, April 8, 2015

April 15 is always an emotional day for Gena Turgel, but this year it will be more heartfelt than ever,
The date marks the liberation by British troops of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, in 1945.

As an inmate in the camp, Mrs Turgel remembers the day well, and recalling events in the run-up to next week’s 70th anniversary, she found it hard to hold back the tears.