Bin Laden calls for Gaza War

May 23, 2008

A recorded message claimed to be from Osama bin Laden called for Muslims to end the blockade on Gaza and attack Israel, which he claims is “very weak”. “Each one of us is responsible for the deaths of our oppressed people in Gaza, and dozens upon dozens have died due to this oppressive blockade,” a voice sounding like the al-Qaida leader is heard to announce on a recording posted on Islamist websites.


Terror's Advocate

By Gerald Aaron, May 16, 2008


The subject of Barbet Schroeder’s unsettling film is a cinema staple — the smug, limelight-seeking “star” lawyer. What makes Terror’s Advocate so chilling is that its “star” — French lawyer Jacques Vergès — is a real-life attorney notorious for his infamous clients.


She forgave a terrorist

By Simon Round, May 16, 2008

Storyville: My Israel
BBC4, Wednesday, May 14

Storyville: Flipping Out — Israel’s Drug Generation

BBC4, Thursday, May 15

BBC4’s Storyville strand celebrated Israel’ s 60th birthday with a season of films analysing different aspects of Israeli life.


JC readers give cash to help bomb victim walk again

By Candice Krieger, April 18, 2008

More than £7,500 has been donated by JC readers to the UK charity One Family to help Israeli paralysis victim Zion Shitrit realise his dream of walking again. Mr Shitrit, 23, was left paralysed from the chest down after a suicide bombing in Hadera, northern Israel.


Nostalgia for the Entebbe raid

By Simon Round, April 18, 2008

Age of Terror: Terror International
BBC2, April 15

For any government wishing to rescue hostages, the operation on Entebbe remains the gold standard. It spawned four star-studded feature films and dozens of documentaries. Indeed the survivors have spent most of the 30 years since the operation being interviewed; as this documentary demonstrated, the news footage from those eight days in June 1976 have been played so much that it is beginning to wear out.


Gunmen kill three

By Eric Silver, April 11, 2008

Palestinian gunmen shot dead two Israeli civilian workers and a soldier in clashes on either side of the Gaza border on Wednesday.

The civilians were hit when four terrorists infiltrated a depot near Kibbutz Nahal Oz from which Israel dispatches fuel, paid for by the European Union, to Gaza. Two other Israelis were wounded in the attack. Two of the infiltrators were reportedly killed in a gunfight with Israeli troops. Israeli helicopters chased the others back across the border, killing three gunmen.


‘Terrorist’ threats on Facebook

By Dan Goldberg, April 11, 2008

A Jewish woman living in Melbourne is believed to have received a death threat from a man claiming to be a member of Hizbollah on the social networking website Facebook.

Australian counter-terror experts launched an investigation last week following the threat by a man called Ibrahim Dirani, according to a report in The Australian newspaper on Saturday.


Yemeni houses attacked

April 11, 2008

Rebel Houthi gunmen destroyed houses belonging to Jews who had fled Saada in Yemen. “The Houthis destroyed part of my house and looted it,” Rabbi Yehia Youssuf said, adding that his community of 67 had been forced to leave the town.


Fight terrorists by suing them

By Melanie Phillips, March 20, 2008

Asymmetric warfare is normally defined as the weak pitting themselves against forces equipped with infinitely superior military power.

But in fact, unlike conventional warfare between states, asymmetric warfare conceals the real drivers of the aggression — those regimes which finance, recruit, arm and train those who fire rockets at civilians or turn themselves into human bombs.